Amir Temur and the Economic Development of Maverannahr (Uzbekistan)


Mukhammedov M.M.


Amir Temur, economic development, Uzbekistan


The book presents the historical facts of the change in the economic life of the people in era of Timur and the Timurids. The focus is on the flourishing of the economy of Maverannahr in the era of the reign of Timur and the Timurids in the XIU-XV centuries. Deep analysis of the path traveled on the creation of the Great Empire allows you to better understand and adequately appreciate the merits Tamerlane in the development of productive forces and the growth of economic power huge state. The book is intended for students, economists, historians, political scientists, specialists in international relations, as well as all those interested in history and culture of the peoples of Central Asia and the East.



February 22, 2022