Principles of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses


Dr. (Prof.) Arun Kumar


Entreprenruship, Business Principles, Small Business


Entrepreneurship and Small Business has been the market driving course book on entrepreneurship in the UK for longer than 10 years. Its solidarity comes from its capacity to mix the hypothesis and practice of entrepreneurship, mirroring the foundation of the creator as business visionary, consultant and scholastic. Small scope businesses contribute fundamentally to the advancement cycle and goes about as an imperative connection in the industrialization as far as creation, work and fares for economic thriving by broadening innovative base and utilization of neighborhood crude materials and indigenous abilities. Small scope ventures rule the modern situation in the nation with sizeable extent of workforce and huge fare potential. In India, the 'town and small businesses area' comprises of both 'conventional' and 'current' small enterprises. This area has eight subgroups. They are handlooms, handiworks, coir, sericulture, khadi and town enterprises, small scope ventures and force looms. The last two go under the cutting-edge small enterprises, while the others go under conventional ventures. Town and small ventures together give the biggest business openings in India.

ISBN: 978-93-90753-53-6



March 15, 2022