Viktory NJ Rotty; Lina Sukanti; Ferol F. Warouw; Stralen Pratasik; Lady GJ Giroth; Meiskyarti Luma; Hadirman; Syamsu Q. Badu; Abdul Rahmat; Mira Mirnawati; Seriwati Ginting; Isah Cahyani; Heldy Vanni Alam; Ahmad Fathoni Rodli; Henny Suharyati; Yossa Istiadi; Ari Utari Permatasari; Sitti Roskina Mas; Arifin Suking; Rahma Andi Acok; Herry Yaputra; Resitantri Putri Awwalyanita


Leadership skill, teamwork


The concept of an effective team in service to a teamwork is a small number of members, with complementary skills to commit to a common goal. As a performance target, and the responsibility of the approach is the responsibility of joint teamwork. Briefly, clearly and in detail, can explain the meaning of the teamwork, which is a group of people who have the same view supported by skills that complement each other's shortcomings and have a firm commitment to achieve a predetermined common goal, through a work process in teamwork together and take responsibility for each other according to their duties and functions.

Teamwork that is effective in carrying out various tasks and responsibilities, then teamwork can be interpreted as teamwork that is successful in achieving common goals, (teams that are able to achieve their purpose). In an effective teamwork, with all the components of the teamwork, they can work together as well as possible according to their roles and functions in each of their main tasks and functions, which are solely to achieve the team's goals, which are the shared goals that have been set. Having a sense of belonging to the team's goals, which is embedded in each team member itself, so that they have the attitude and responsibility and have the willingness to sacrifice in achieving common goals. The importance of the existence of effective teamwork to accelerate the achievement of goals, to add creativity and skills in solving all forms of problems in increasing the quality of problem solving in terms of public services.



  • Building Leadership Skills in Teamwork for Improving Public Service
    Lina Sukanti
  • Education Management of The Future
    Viktory NJ Rotty, Ferol F. Warouw, Stralen Pratasik, Lady GJ Giroth
  • The Impact of Using Gadget on Students’ Learning Patterns in The Era of Covid-19 Pandemic
    Meiskyarti Luma, Hadirman
  • Strategy in Improving Quality Performance in Youth Organizations as Organizations Among the Community
    Syamsu Q. Badu, Abdul Rahmat, Mira Mirnawati, Seriwati Ginting
  • Profile of Students Writing Students in Learning Language and Arts Appreciation by Using Problem Based Learning Method Through Experiential Learning Approach
    Isah Cahyani
  • Solutions and Serving Leadership Style (Ta'uwa Taa Mo'odu'oto) Solutions for Optimizing Teacher Performance in Boalemo District
    Heldy Vanni Alam
  • Strategy Leadership in Improving Quality Performance in Youth Organizations as Community Organization
    Ahmad Fathoni Rodli
  • Enhancing Teacher's Creativity by Strengthening Achievement Motivation and Transformational Leadership
    Henny Suharyati, Yossa Istiadi, Ari Utari Permatasari
  • Head Master Learning Management at Rural Area Primary School in Tojo Una Una Distrik
    Sitti Roskina Mas, Arifin Suking, Rahma Andi Acok
  • Legal Consequences and Legal Remedies for Third Parties on Late and Unregistered Marriage Agreements
    Herry Yaputra
  • Cultivating Farmer’s Efforts in Maintaining Their Rights to Uncertified Land in Land Clearances
    Resitantri Putri Awwalyanita


July 4, 2022