PAPR Reduction of OFDM System by Convert In-Band Signals Distortion to Impulse Noise (Error)


Khalid Awaad Humood
Qahtan Khalaf Omran
Hayder Khaleel AL-Qaysi
Tahreer Mahmood


PAPR Reduction, OFDM System, In-Band Signals Distortion, Impulse Noise


OFDM systems suffer from the problem of high peak to average power ratio (PAPR). Amplitude clipping is one of the most techniques used to reduce PAPR, this technique does not demand side information; therefore, no reduction in the system’s data throughput. However, it leads to additional distortion (in-band signal distortion and out-of-band radiation). To overcome this problem, low complexity non-distortion clipping technique is proposed for OFDM system, the main concepts of this proposed method is how to convert the generated distortion (in-band and out-of-band signals distortion) when using clipping at transmitter to impulse noise (error) which is possible easily be covered by using a simple coding technique to cover error at the receiver. the proposed method does not clipping the signal in time domain, the clipping use for discrete samples directly after IFFT. Simulation outcome detect that the proposed non-distortion clipping technique provides an efficient reduction in PAPR, best performance compared with conventional clipping technique, and less cost and complexity.



November 28, 2022