Dr. Taha Shabbir


Open data, UK, Sources, Government, People, Civil Society


It is very important for any country of the world to undergo developmental projects in order to prosper greatly. They must ensure that their people are living under a good socio-political environment that could grant them safety. However, it varies from region to region and place to place. UK as a country is a big economy which is capable of giving its people the type of security they need. For this purpose, various types of strategies have been emphasized which enable the government to look for the benefit of its people. Open data system is one of these important developments which have been initiated within the setup of UK, that provide huge access to databases. There are online databases which have the potential for empowering their people so that they can move ahead in their lives. It improves their learning and knowledge, and gives them the opportunity to think ‘out of box’. It also brings them the ability to polish their learning skills and take the concession to take things out of their resources and utilize them fully. Although, there is some compulsion on the use of private data sources, yet it is necessary for us to know that not all data are confidential. Hence, this type of open data is integral for the people to get input from and make use of it accordingly. The research looks into the pros and cons of using open data systems to measure its impacts on the social and political development in UK. The use of open data system is not only beneficial for the people to perform their daily life tasks; it is important to evade corruption also. In other words, these open systems foster great accountability of national institutions. So, there is feeble chance of witnessing the element of corruption in the society that could cause chaos in the nation. The use of open data systems is important for creating rapid growth of innovation and creativity. It has been seen to play a big part in establishing a trend of innovative growth pushed by the availability of these resources.

open data


May 8, 2021