Educational Computing in the COVID-19 Era


Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma; Estefanía Bonilla Álvarez; Miguel Santiago Suárez Castañón; Emmanuel Quetzalcóatl Castro Munguía; Lorena Chavarría Báez; Eduardo Rodríguez Espinosa; José Ramón Figueroa Flores; Juan Jesús Gutiérrez García


Educational Computing, Distance Education


This book is made up of four chapters, which are derived from a part of the content developed in the Learning Unit (LU) of Educational Computing and Mobile Multimedia, which is taught in the Master of Mobile Computer Systems at the Higher School of Computation of the National Polytechnic Institute. Below is a brief overview of the content taught in this learning unit. Initially, the study of historical aspects of computing in the fields of education that takes place in Mexico and around the world is taught in order to expose the work that is currently being developed in both physical and virtual classrooms. Projects that have been developed in support of education using technology are addressed. The psych educational paradigms that base the teaching and learning processes with the use of technology are described, as well as the characteristics of educational software are reviewed along with the methodologies that allow its development and, in a general way, the development of technological resources created for educational purposes.

In the January-July 2021 school semester, the subject of the use of technology in education during the COVID-19 pandemic was incorporated into the Educational Computing and Mobile Multimedia LU, because all sectors were affected in relation to the sanitary measures that were taken to prevent the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. The main measure was confinement, which is why the face-to-face educational model was replaced by the distance model, thus technology has played an essential role within school performance, from the use of educational platforms through which teachers share teaching materials with their students, to virtual rooms to take online classes, and beyond, the use of virtual worlds.

Educational Computing



August 19, 2021