Investigating the Effectiveness of Process Approach in Teaching of Essay Writing at Elementary Level in Bahawalpur


Zahida Parveen
Muhammad Safdar Bhatti


English, Teaching, Statistical Package for Social Sciences


English has been considered the most famous Lingua Franca. It has been learnt and taught all over the world these days. As for as the teaching of English in Pakistan is concerned, it has been taught as a compulsory subject from the start of the educational career until graduation since the establishment of Pakistan. The current study also discusses the importance of teaching of English in Pakistan. As for teaching of English many approaches/ methodologies have been applied, this study has discussed the effectiveness of Process Approach for teaching Essay Writing at Elementary level. The study has been conducted in the city Bahawalpur and the adjacent areas of Bahawalpur. The researcher has used quantitative method of research and has used a structured questionnaire based survey to collect the concerned information on the topic. She collected the data from the semi-govt and private schools of the area where process approach has been used partially or fully. The data has been analyzed through the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The researcher has drawn the conclusion of the study and has also given some suggestions at the end of the study



October 8, 2021