Effects of Av Aids on ESL Learners’ Vocabulary Skills: An Investigation


Sadia Kanwal
Dr. Muhammad Safdar Bhatti


Effects of Av Aids on ESL Learners’, learners skillfully, Vocabulary Skills


The current study “Effects of Av Aids on ESL Learners’ Vocabulary Skills: An Investigation” was designed to enhance the vocabulary of the learners skillfully. The researcher selected this area for his research as he thinks that vocabulary plays very important role in acquiring language. That is why it is very important to investigate the most effective ways to improve vocabulary acquisition. This study created an awareness among the secondary level teachers how they can develop English vocabulary of their students. The main objective of the study was to make effective use of Av. aids to improve vocabulary of the students at secondary level. The population of the current study was the students of grade-9 from Govt. Boys High School Galeywal, Govt. Girls High School Galeywal & The City Foundation School, Galeywal. The study adopted pretest-posttest control group experimental design. Three secondary schools were purposively selected and randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The experimental group was exposed to learn vocabulary with the help of Av. aids while the control group was exposed to learn vocabulary through traditional ways. To explain the students who received the independent variable 'pictures' recorded high scores and significantly out-performed than the scores of the control group who had no practice of the Av. aids and practiced vocabulary through traditional method. The effectiveness of the study was also confirmed when the scores of the experimental group pre-test were compared with the scores of its post-test. Data collected was analyzed. There was a significant main effect of treatment on the vocabulary learning of secondary level students. It was concluded that when a teacher creates a learning environment in the classroom by using interesting Av. aids then naturally the students' response is positive. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that English language teachers should use Av. Aids for teaching English in general and for improving vocabulary in particular at secondary level. They should also motivate the students by using Av. aids in the classroom. The public iii schools may be equipped with libraries, language labs and audio-visual materials such as tape recorder, video-player, overhead projector, multi-media and such facilities may properly be used for developing vocabulary of secondary level students in the subject of English. Curiosity and creativity of the students should be encouraged through the use of Av. aids in group-work and pair-work techniques. The recommendations and findings of this study should be taken into careful consideration and steps should be taken to implement those in our classrooms. If implemented intentionally, it is expected that the state of the teaching and learning of vocabulary skills at secondary level will be improved remarkably.



October 11, 2021