Mamoona Hanif


International language, Vocabulary


English is being used all over the world as an international language. It has become a Lingua Franca and a language of greater opportunities. It also enjoys a supreme status in society. Its sound knowledge is a successful passport for any job. For learning any language, both the oral and written skills are of equal importance. In fact, learning a second language is never easy. Learners have to wrestle with new vocabulary, rules of grammar, pronunciation and more. In learning a second language, vocabulary is the most paramount part. It is the soul and essence of a language. The current study “Enhancement of Vocabulary through Language Games at Elementary Level” was designed to enhance the vocabulary of the learners skillfully. The researcher selected this area for her research as she thinks that vocabulary plays very important role in acquiring language. That is why it is very important to investigate the most effective ways to improve vocabulary acquisition. This study created an awareness among the elementary level teachers how they can develop English vocabulary of their students. The objectives of the study were to enhance English vocabulary in students by using language games and to make effective use of such games to improve vocabulary of students at elementary level. Data collected was analyzed. It was concluded that when a teacher creates a learning environment in the classroom by using interesting games then naturally the students' response is positive. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that English language teachers should use language games for teaching English in general and for improving vocabulary in particular at elementary level. They should also motivate the students by using games through pair work and group work in the classroom. The public schools may be equipped with libraries, language labs and audio-visual materials such as tape recorder, video-player, overhead projector, multi-media and such facilities may properly be used for developing vocabulary of elementary level students in English.



November 18, 2021