Farrukh Ghani Chishti


Vocabulary, ESL Learners


English is being used all over the world as an international language. It has become a Lingua Franca and a language of greater opportunities. It also enjoys a supreme status in society. Its sound knowledge is a successful passport for any job. For learning any language, both the oral and written skills are of equal importance. In fact, learning a second language is never easy. Learners have to wrestle with new vocabulary, rules of grammar, pronunciation and more. In learning a second language, vocabulary is the most paramount part. It is the soul and essence of a language. It is also first and leading stair in a language acquisition. Its knowledge plays an important role in almost all areas of language. So, the whole process of learning a language depends on learning its vocabulary. The current study evaluates the ways to improve vocabulary through affixes at elementary level. It was an experimental type of research based on quantitative research approach. One hundred students and thirty teachers from Bahawalnagar participated in this study. Experimental research with pretest posttest design was used. The data were collected through tests. The findings of the study revealed a significant improvement in vocabulary using affixes. The effectiveness of the study was also confirmed when the scores of the experimental group pre-test were compared with the scores of its post-test. The high mean of the scores recorded by the experimental group is likely due to the influence of the suggested affixes technique which proved to be a fertile teaching and learning aid that enhances both conscience learning and subconscious acquisition of vocabulary. It is recommended that quizzes, exercises and tests for affixes should be used to enhance the vocabulary among students. The recommendations and findings of this study should be taken into careful consideration and steps should be taken to implement those in our classrooms. If implemented intentionally, it is expected that the state of the teaching and learning of vocabulary skills at elementary level will be improved remarkably.




November 18, 2021