Novateur Publication 2021-06-18T10:30:46+00:00 Mr. Shreeram Latey Open Monograph Press <p>Novateur Publication has presence in the areas of publication of online journals and books since 2014. We have served more than 5000 authors over the world.</p> PYRIMIDINE BASES AND THEIR REACTIVITY 2021-06-18T10:30:46+00:00 H. NURBOYEV K. KHALIKOV M. ISAKULOVA D. TOSHMURODOV F. Oripov <p>In this monograph, the authors systematized and analyzed pyrimidine compounds, scientific literature and total of their own research in the field of fine organic synthesis of new derivatives of pyrimidine base containing oxo, thioxo, amino, methylthio, and selenoxopyrimidinones-4.</p> <p>In addition, the authors have shown that most of the considered compounds exhibit various herbicidal, fungicidal and defoliant properties.</p> <p>Many of them are recommended for use in various branches of science, including medicine, agriculture and folk economy.</p> <p>The monograph will be useful for teachers of chemical and medical universities, as well as scientific colleagues, masters and doctoral students.</p> 2021-06-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 H. NURBOYEV, K. KHALIKOV, M. ISAKULOVA, D. TOSHMURODOV, F. Oripov IMPACT OF ‘OPEN DATA’ ON SOCIAL POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS OF UNITED KINGDOM 2021-05-08T13:13:30+00:00 Dr. Taha Shabbir <p>It is very important for any country of the world to undergo developmental projects in order to prosper greatly. They must ensure that their people are living under a good socio-political environment that could grant them safety. However, it varies from region to region and place to place. UK as a country is a big economy which is capable of giving its people the type of security they need. For this purpose, various types of strategies have been emphasized which enable the government to look for the benefit of its people. Open data system is one of these important developments which have been initiated within the setup of UK, that provide huge access to databases. There are online databases which have the potential for empowering their people so that they can move ahead in their lives. It improves their learning and knowledge, and gives them the opportunity to think ‘out of box’. It also brings them the ability to polish their learning skills and take the concession to take things out of their resources and utilize them fully. Although, there is some compulsion on the use of private data sources, yet it is necessary for us to know that not all data are confidential. Hence, this type of open data is integral for the people to get input from and make use of it accordingly. The research looks into the pros and cons of using open data systems to measure its impacts on the social and political development in UK. The use of open data system is not only beneficial for the people to perform their daily life tasks; it is important to evade corruption also. In other words, these open systems foster great accountability of national institutions. So, there is feeble chance of witnessing the element of corruption in the society that could cause chaos in the nation. The use of open data systems is important for creating rapid growth of innovation and creativity. It has been seen to play a big part in establishing a trend of innovative growth pushed by the availability of these resources.</p> 2021-05-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Dr. Taha Shabbir THE ART OF ENTREPRENEURS TO SURVIVE DURING PANDEMIC COVID-19 2021-05-07T07:01:18+00:00 Elisabeth Surbakti Irma Irayanti Leni saleh Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem Roymon Panjaitan Sri Mulyono Eska Prima Monique Damarsiwi Mimi Kurnia Nengsih Arleti M. Apin Belinda Sukapura Dewi Ariesa Pandanwangi Nuning Damayanti Intan Noviantari Manyoe Siti Suhartini S. Napu Tiggi Choanji <p class="Default" style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: 10.0pt;">Entrepreneurship as an endeavor to create value through the introduction of business opportunities, appropriate risk-taking management, and through communication and management skills to mobilize people, money, and other raw materials or resources needed to produce projects to run well. An entrepreneur, a person who has sales skills, starts offering ideas up to commodity services. As an independent business actor in the form of health services, he is required to know well business management. A midwife who opens an independent practice in accordance with their expertise can be called an entrepreneur (Vocational entrepreneurship). Entrepreneurship principles that are held firmly, can help the management of the Midwife Practice to be able to produce promising profits. Being a midwife who is superior in the field of entrepreneurship / interprenuership in the form of independent practice is able to create jobs, especially entrepreneurs engaged in midwifery services [1] Midwives as independent business actors are required to be able to be managerial and business executors, supported by the ability to make plans based on a vision that is implemented strategically and have good personal abilities to achieve success. It is hoped that midwives will be able to provide professional health services, be able to manage service management, and have an entrepreneurial spirit [2] Opening an independent home practice, trying to boost new innovations in business management, starting with the existence of capital, medical devices, room arrangement, financial management, and others, so that the expected profit can be realized without reducing the quality of service provided given [3] Opening a Midwife Practice is a form of community service, both from a social perspective and to apply the knowledge that is owned with the hope of increasing the degree of public health, especially maternal and child health. The COVID-19 pandemic situation requires health workers including midwives to adapt to continue to serve patients optimally, providing maternal and child health services from the Independent Midwives Practice (PMB). (ulfah) Based on the central IBI report as of June 7, 2020, there were 974 out of 9,296 PMBs that closed their practice locations. Maternal and child health services at Praktik Mandiri Midwives during the COVID-19 pandemic continue to encourage midwives and patients to continue to carry out services in accordance with health protocols [4]</span></p> 2021-05-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Elisabeth Surbakti, Irma Irayanti, Leni saleh, Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem, Roymon Panjaitan, Sri Mulyono COMMUNITY SERVICE IN THE MIDST OF THE COVID-19 2021-04-22T11:58:37+00:00 Elisabeth Surbakti Elisabethsurbakti@Gmail.Com Maida Pardosi Efendi Sianturi Andiyan Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman Sitti Inniyah Zulkarnain Anu Choube Abd Hamid Isa Abdul Rahmat Rusdin Djibu Muhamad Danial Suma Cama Juli Rianingrum Ariesa Pandanwangi Intan Noviantari Manyoe Rita Prima Bendriyanti Citra Dewi Desrio Windoro Juwita Bunga Tri Suarningsih Ivan Afrianto Sri Sukasih Alfi Laila Hilmiati Erlinda Ningsih Anindya Rachma Dwicahyani Arlini Dyah Radityaningrum Eky Novianarenti Lusiana Gultom Jujuren Sitepu Missiliana Riasnugrahani Raheni Suhita Budhi Setiawan Ani Rakhmawati Muhammad Rohmadi Sri Hastuti Kundharu Saddhono Muhammad Ismanjusuf Ridawati Sulaeman IGA Puja Warnis Wijayanti Sitti Rusdianah Jafar Fory A. Nawai Nina Lamatenggo Arifin Suking Siti Fadjarajani Ely Satiyasih Rosali Darwis Darmawan Erwin Hilman Hakim Dr. Paulus Tamaka, M.Si Ir. Kaharudin SARDJONO, M.P Abdul Wahab Junaedi Dr. Ir. Budur Latif, MT Rosida Tiurma Manurung Dian Wulandari Sumardi Henny Suharyati Evi Hasim Dajani Suleman Meylan Saleh Suci Siti Lathifah Desti Herawati Rifki Risma Munandar Annisa Nurramadhani Wa Ode Sifatu Tambunan Lis M Yapanto Munirah Tuli Okke Rosmaladewi Didin Wahidin Magfirah Aliyya Nur Imanna Tangahu Firmansjah Hasan Tri Ananda Erwin Nugroho Wa Ode Sifatu <p>Basic health services in Indonesia have not placed adolescent reproductive health as a priority in health services, so it is necessary to carry out health education as an effort to increase knowledge and attitudes among adolescents. The aim of the community service: providing reproductive health education to adolescents, cervical cancer, and anemia in SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru. Education is carried out so that adolescents maintain their reproductive health and are able to prepare themselves as future mothers. Reproductive health education is carried out from August to October 2020 while still implementing health protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Stages of activity: field observations, identification of partner problems, offering solutions, planning and implementing health education. At the beginning and at the end of the activity, a pre test and post test were carried out. The results obtained: reproductive health in adolescents has a good knowledge of 73%, about 71% good category cervical cancer, and about 75% good knowledge about anemia. The attitude about reproductive health in adolescents is good 73%, about cervical cancer is good 72% and about anemia is good 74%. Reproductive health education activities for adolescents through pocket books to increase the knowledge and attitudes of adolescents in SMA Negeri 1 Kutalimbaru, Deliserdang Regency, an increase occurred. Reproductive health education activities for adolescents need to be carried out continuously by activating School Health Enterprises (UKS) in collaboration with the working area Puskesmas</p> 2021-04-22T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Elisabeth Surbakti, Maida Pardosi, Efendi Sianturi SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC OPPRESSION OF WOMEN: A MARXIST FEMINISM STUDY OF A DOLL’S HOUSE AND HEDDA GABLER 2021-03-26T08:21:37+00:00 MAJID IQBAL <p>The aim of this research is to illustrate the social and economic oppression of women in the light of Ibsen’s plays A Doll’s House and Hedda Gabler. On the other hand the research is based on the theory of Marxist Feminism which illustrates that the females are exploited socially, economically and morally. At the same time all the female characters especially the main female characters have been shown that they are used mere as a sex tool by the hands of the males and they have left with no choice. Even they are not given the human names rather they are treated as pets and that is the reason that they are not given the human names. Sometimes they are called as skylarks and sometimes dolls. This is the predominant view that females have no identity of their own and the plays under considerations are the true illustration of this view. This study mainly spans over five chapters where first chapter of the study is introduction that gives summary for the upcoming chapters. Second chapter of the study is literature review that contains the reviews of different writers and critics as well as the views of the researcher. However this chapter asserts to what extent the study is related to the reviews and how it is different from them. Third chapter of the study is theoretical framework which illustrates the basic postulates of the theory of feminism and its concerns with the present research. Fourth chapter of the study depicts the patriarchal oppression and women’s identity in A Doll’s House. The fifth chapter of the study is to depict the economic oppression and women’s psychological exploitation in Hedda Gabbler. In the end there is conclusion followed by the references.</p> 2021-03-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 MAJID IQBAL Analyzing the Utility of Activity Based Learning through Reading Skills at Primary Level 2021-03-26T07:23:54+00:00 Shahla Bajwa <p>As a global medium of communication, the importance of English has increased a lot in the present social, political and commercial contexts. With the advancements of IT in various spheres of society, English has become the only language for the world citizens. Because of its international demand and recognition as a world language, English has always been a part of our education system. It has become a dire need of modern age all over the world. As a receptive skill, reading is a crucial skill to master in order to be successful in one’s academic pursuits. Due to its impact, reading is an important skill cultivated in an English language classroom at primary level. The effectiveness of methods upon the development of Second language teaching and learning is unavoidable. At the other end, the commercialization of education has resulted with a plethora of materials flooding the language development arena, each claiming to be effective in its own way. As a result, field practitioners are facing a new dilemma; identifying the ‘best’ materials for their classes. Thus, it is beneficial for practitioners to acquire the knowledge of how such materials are produced. Such knowledge would develop the teachers’ ability to evaluate the potential of a teaching method and perhaps develop oneself. This research work is an exposure of the theoretical background and the developmental process in the production of reading skills. Some primary schools in Bahawalpur have adopted ABL in their classrooms to improve students’ reading skills. ABL is even claimed to be more effective in language teaching than traditional teaching methods. As this study investigated the utility of ABL about the reading skills of primary level students, it was also designed to maximize reading comprehension skills through activities. In the hypothesis of the study, the researcher suggested that ABL would bring positive change in the students' reading comprehension skills. The study adopted pretest-posttest control group quasi experimental design. Two primary schools were purposively selected and randomly assigned to experimental and control groups.</p> 2021-03-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Shahla Bajwa Integrating Literature in ESL Classroom: A Survey Study 2021-03-26T07:30:53+00:00 Majid Iqbal <p>Teachers are perhaps the most critical component of any system of education. How well they teach depends on motivation, qualification, experience, training, aptitude and a host of other factors, not the least of these being the environment and management structures within which they perform their role. One of the main purposes of learning English is the ability to communicate effectively with other users of the target language. Teaching to communicate in real, everyday situations is very often neglected and students have little chance to practice ordinary language in the class. Many factors can cause the problem of the students’ language skills namely the students’ interest, the material, and the media among others including the technique in teaching English. There are many ways that can be done by the students to develop their ability in English. Therefore, teachers ought to provide learners with opportunities to improve their communicative skills. Although Pakistan experienced massive growth in enrollment soon after independence, such exponential growth has been accompanied by manifold challenges and dilemmas. The stimulus for the present study derives from the view that, in order to develop the capacity of students in the ESL language class, the teaching of language should be taught using literary pieces and should move away from a teacher-centered approach towards a student-centered one. Having used an activity-based and process-oriented integrated approach as a framework, the present study illustrated the impact of the proposed way of literature teaching in an ESL context. It was designed to encourage students to experience literary texts directly as a part of a process of meaning creation that develops their thought processes, imaginative faculties and interpretative skills and ultimately has a strong impact on their learning ability. Such a systematic approach to literature teaching in developing learners’ reading skills, therefore, is likely to enable teachers to have a more student-centered classroom. The present study also iii utilizes the devised teaching activities based on prediction initiating personal growth, in an actual teaching learning context in a selected research environment and explores students' responses to the proposed approach. The obtained data of the present study was collected through the administration of questionnaires which were analyzed descriptively. It was designed for the purpose of diagnosing pre-existing the subjects’ achievement in communicative skills. Besides, it is necessary to create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere in the teaching learning process in order to make the students easier in improving their communicative skills. The findings suggested that application of the teaching approach proposed by the study notably changed the classroom dynamics in a positive way.</p> 2021-03-26T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Majid Iqbal COTTON PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY 2021-03-24T07:27:29+00:00 JUMANOV D.T. <pre class="tw-data-text tw-text-large XcVN5d tw-ta" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Translation"><span lang="en">This monograph is a scientific study of the growth, development, yield and quality of medium-fiber cotton varieties in the meadow-grass soils of the Zarafshan oasis, the ratio of fertilizers and the impact of irrigation regimes.</span></pre> <pre class="tw-data-text tw-text-large XcVN5d tw-ta" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Translation"><span lang="en">At the same time, on the basis of the author's many years of scientific research, there is an analysis of scientific work on agrotechnology of high-quality production of medium-fiber cotton varieties.</span></pre> <pre id="tw-target-text" class="tw-data-text tw-text-large XcVN5d tw-ta" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Translation"><span lang="en">The monograph is intended for agricultural workers, agricultural higher education institutions and college teachers, students, researchers, senior researchers, masters, specialists, farmers and the general public.</span></pre> <pre id="tw-target-text" class="tw-data-text tw-text-large XcVN5d tw-ta" dir="ltr" data-placeholder="Translation"><span lang="en"><br><br></span></pre> 2021-03-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 JUMANOV D.T. Anatomy and physiology of endocrine system 2021-03-24T09:19:10+00:00 Khasanova Dilnoza Ahrorovna Shadieva Shodiya Shuxratovna <p>The endocrine system – communication system in the body is a network of glands in the body that produce hormones, chemical substances released into the bloodstream to guide processes such as metabolism, growth, and sexual development. Hormones are also involved in regulating emotional life. They’re responsible for almost every cell, organ, and function in the body. If endocrine system isn't healthy, might have problems developing during puberty, getting pregnant or managing stress. Also might gain weight easily, have weak bones, or lack energy because too much sugar stays in the blood instead of moving into cells where it's needed for energy.</p> 2021-03-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Khasanova Dilnoza Ahrorovna, Shadieva Shodiya Shuxratovna Evaluating online Learning Challenges and Strategies 2021-03-23T08:04:08+00:00 Aries Utomo Pietra Dorand Andy Rachman Sulistyowati March Angga Vehryza Wardhana Ahmad, S Alfi Laila, S Dr. Sri Sukasih Tera Noviantiningtyas Ripto Saputri Silvia Auliya Salsa Latifa Rahmasari Zaharah Ibnu Sina Dr. Hj. Ihsana El Khuluqo Ake Royke Calvin Langingi Grace I.V. Watung Julduz Ruland Paus Juliana Margareta Sumilat Hengki Mangiring Parulian Simarmata Dr. Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman Ike Susanti Rahmi Munfangati Nurlaili Bulan Natalinda Mukhamad Nurhadi Abdul Wahab Ainil Syafitr Junaedi Besse Arnawisuda Ningsi Irvana Arofah Muchammad Zaenal Muttaqin Wiwik Ariesta Mia Aina Uslan Shanti Kumbarasari Dyah Aminatun Mishbahuddin <p>As we know, COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia still has been running since early March 2020. At this time, it has raised more than one million confirmed cases and also gives huge effects to all fields including Education. In responding the situation, Indonesian Government through Minister of Education and Culture chose and announced to hold long distance learning at home as a temporal alternative way in order to prevent COVID-19 spreading through schools or colleges (an official letter of General Secretary of Minister of Education and Culture number 15 year 2020 about guidance of learning from home during the pandemic), so online learning is chosen as one of alternative ways during this pandemic</p> 2021-03-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Aries Utomo DEVELOPMENT OF PATRIOTISM IN STUDENTS AND INCREASING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY 2021-02-15T16:10:47+00:00 UZAKOV AKROM AVAZOVICH MANSUR KHURRAMOV <p>The monograph enriches the content of the subject "Preparedness before the call" in the higher educational programs of the republic with modern components, improves teaching methods and patriotism in them and patriotism in them and patriotism in them.</p> 2021-02-15T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 UZAKOV AKROM AVAZOVICH, MANSUR KHURRAMOV RESEARCH ON CYBER PEDAGOGY IN THE COVID 19 2021-01-31T13:29:00+00:00 Erwin Ardianto Halim Irena Vanessa Gunawan Intan Noviantari Manyoe Siti Suhartini S. Napu Muhamad Danial Suma Syahna Firdhaus Biya Ivan Taslim Aries Abbas Yuyun Yuniarsih Dr. Julduz Ruland Paus Dr. Juliana Margareta Sumilat Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman Dr. Suryaningsi.M.H Abdul Rahmat Mira Mirnawati Dr. Nurlaili, MP Permana Lestari Ahmad, S Ake Royke Calvin Langingi Novianty Djafri Syamsu Qomar Badu Dr. Siti Fadjarajani Ely Satiyasih Rosali Fuziawati, S Lisa Rakhmanina Dian Kusumaningrum Abditama Srifitriani Supriyono Dinda Shafira Rahma Yasmin Mintarsih Arbarini Froilan D. Mobo Wiwik Ariesta Uslan Handy Ferdiansyah Rasmita <p>The Interior Design Department of Maranatha Christian University has successfully received funding from the Minister of Education and Culture and education to develop learning aids for Introduction and Development of Interior Materials. This course studies the characteristics of materials commonly used in interiors, so it is very important to use technology as a tool for delivery of material and props are delivered in various forms, both to be studied synchronously and asynchronously. Therefore, this program is developing a mobile Augmented Reality program to replace samples of physical materials as a learning aid in this course</p> 2021-01-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Erwin Ardianto Halim, Irena Vanessa Gunawan SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF CROP ROTATION 2021-01-15T13:38:39+00:00 B.M.KHALIKOV S.T.NEGMATOVA SH.E.AKHMEDOV R.A.NIZOMOV Dr. (Er.) Parimita <table width="99%"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="509"> <table width="99%"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="509"> <p>In this book, the history of the agricultural system and crop rotation, the importance of crop<br>rotation, the method of conducting scientific research on crop rotation, the mode of application in<br>production, as well as the prospects of crop rotation in agriculture of the Republic are mentioned.<br>The book is intended for a wide audience of agricultural specialists, teachers and students of<br>universities, institutes and colleges, as well as readers</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> 2021-01-15T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 B.M.KHALIKOV, S.T.NEGMATOVA, SH.E.AKHMEDOV, R.A.NIZOMOV; Dr. (Er.) Parimita Agriculture Developments- Initiatives and Practices 2021-01-07T10:35:44+00:00 Aadil Gulzar Tajamul Islam Ruquia Gulzar Ismail Marzuki Hasim <p>Soil health management is essential for ensuring optimum crop and ecological diversity. Fertilizers emerged as necessary evil for crop industry, particularly the synthetic fertilizers which tend to persist in the soil system, affecting both soil microbial flora and fauna, thus damaging the soil health. Soil health is affected by a broad range of soil functions, such as rhizodeposition, bulk and rhizospheric soil nutrient content, soil organic carbon, pH, moisture, soil enzyme activities, and many others. Fertilizers play a crucial role in crop quality parameters when applied in optimum quantity. The detrimental effect of synthetic fertilizers will initiate from their manufacturing process, during which some toxic gases like NH4, CO2, CH4 etc. get released. However, indiscriminate use of these synthetic fertilizers for a significantly longer duration in the same agricultural field can result in soil deterioration and soil degradation and simultaneously leads to loss of beneficial soil microbes as well. Therefore, for sustainable agricultural production without polluting the environment, integrated approach which consist of organic manures and biofertilizers need to be properly used. The synthetic fertilizers should be blended with organic fertilizers can provide the higher positive impact on microbial population and soil health. Hence, optimum soil health is very essential for maintaining sustainability of agricultural production and soil microbial biodiversity</p> 2021-01-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Aadil Gulzar, Tajamul Islam, Ruquia Gulzar Sustainable Developments in Agriculture and Plantation 2021-01-07T10:47:45+00:00 Junaid A. Magray Tajamul Islam Shabir A. Zargar1 Mansoor A. Malik <p>Plant breeding is said to be one of the ancient and ongoing activities undertaken by mankind, who select plants and domesticated to quantify the production of yield and useful. The advent of civilizations paralleled the progress of plant breeding, although this has not been documented by the public. The reason may be lack of understanding of what plant breeding encompasses. With the course of time plant breeding was been formulated, but without losing the spirit of being art and science of manipulating plants for humans. This chapter discusses an over view about the concepts and the methods of plant breeding, No matter how big the pool of genetic information in recent years, the phenotype will continues to be important in the present and future</p> 2021-01-07T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junaid A. Magray, Tajamul Islam, Shabir A. Zargar1, Mansoor A. Malik Art And Design 2020-12-30T12:45:28+00:00 Ariani Atridia Wilastrina Kelvin Febrian Ariesa Pandanwangi Arleti M. Apin Atridia Wilastrina Ariani Dieta Maulia Rizkiana Cama Juli Rianingrum Dewi Isma Aryani Nuning Yanti Damayanti Nurul Primayanti Fontika Salsabila Monica Hartanti Berti Alia Bahaduri Irena V Gunawan Karna Mustaqim Nurfitrianah Octavianingrum Raharjo Putri <p>Culture is the whole system of ideas and feelings, actions, and works produced by humans in a social construct, which are made their own by learning. The word culture comes from the Sanskrit word "buddhayah”, the plural form of buddhi which means mind or intellect (Koentjaraningrat, 2005). J.J. Honingmann in his book The World of Man (1959) distinguishes the existence of three "cultural phenomena", namely ideas, activities, and artifacts. This is then confirmed by the opinion of Koentjaraningrat (2009) which states that there are three forms of culture, namely; (1) the form of culture as a complex of ideas, values, norms, rules and so on. (2) the form of culture as a complex of patterned activities and actions from humans in society. (3) the form of culture as objects created by humans. The first form is the ideal form of culture. It is abstract, cannot be touched or photographed, its location is in the head, or in other words, in the minds of the people in the community where the culture resides. The second form of culture is called a social system, regarding the patterned actions of humans themselves. This social system consists of human activities that interact, relate and associate with each other in every second, day and year, accordingly to certain patterns based on customary behavior. The third form of culture is called physical culture, taking the form of all physical products and activities, actions and works of all humans in society. They are most concrete in nature and are in the form of objects or things that can be made, seen, and photographed.</p> 2020-12-31T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Ariani, Atridia Wilastrina, Kelvin Febrian, Ariesa Pandanwangi, Arleti M. Apin, Atridia Wilastrina, Ariani, Dieta Maulia Rizkiana, Cama Juli Rianingrum, Dewi Isma Aryani, Nuning Yanti Damayanti, Nurul Primayanti DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLECTUAL POWER OF STUDENTS ON THE BASIS OF LITERARY CONTINUOUS EDUCATION (ON THE EXAMPLE OF V-IX GRADES) 2020-12-23T18:46:53+00:00 FAYZULLAEVA GULCHEKHRA SHARIPBOEVNA Sapa Matchanov Roza Niyozmetova Kunduzkhon Khusanbaeva <p>This monograph is intended for teachers of secondary schools, students of higher education institutions in the field of Uzbek philology, Uzbek language and literature as a solution to some problems related to the content of the subject of teaching methods of literature, as well as serves to a certain extent to achieve a positive result in explaining the essence of science to students.</p> 2020-12-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 FAYZULLAEVA GULCHEKHRA SHARIPBOEVNA; Sapa Matchanov, Roza Niyozmetova, Kunduzkhon Khusanbaeva Impact of Climate Change on Human Health in Developing Countries 2020-12-23T19:10:00+00:00 Aadil Gulzar Tajamul Islam Ruquia Gulzar Tabasum Hassan Susy Sriwahyuni Pesona Dessritina Yarmaliza Zakiyuddin Dian Fera Darmawan ELISABETH SURBAKTI Novi Lasmadasari Mohammad Hakimi Titih Huriah Muhammad IsmanJusuf Hj. Indirawaty Rahman.A Kurnia Rahma Syarif Ns. Finni Fitria Tumiwa Dewi Farah Diba <p>The causes of climate patchy rope in heat up temperature, change in precipitation, degree of utmost conditions occasions like melting of glaciers, polar ice-caps, mount in sea levels, etc. These impacts eventually fall our income by touching the rations we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the earth somewhere we live. Frequent impacts caused fitting to excessive exposure of heat waves such as round stroke, dehydration, cardiovascular, respiratory and neural comborbidities. Climate conversion alters the ecology of vectors and these vectors are capable of have in stock causal agents such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa from animals to humans. Malaria, tick-borne encephalitis, fair fever, plague, and dengue obtain lengthened their geographical ranges as their carriers migrated to privileged latitudes. Droughts canister take part in adverse property on being health, as they over and over again suggest itself in mishmash with other sit out conditions, such as warm waves, wildfires and dust storms. Reduced water quantity may cause decreased water flow during periods of drought, encouraging the development of pathogens which prefer dry, stagnant environments. Altering climatic situation know how to be attributed to mounting international temperatures, spread in the dimensions of ambient fill up fumes and changes in the announce motion as mutual together. Extreme season and climate-related actions are famous to set off fundamental infrastructure failures, lucrative harm and relocation of communities, ensuing in a quantity of health problems.</p> 2020-12-23T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Aadil Gulzar, Tajamul Islam, Ruquia Gulzar, Tabasum Hassan WASTE MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES 2020-12-05T12:13:25+00:00 Pallavi Bhardwaj Ashutosh Tripathi Manju Rawat Ranjan Pallavi Bhardwaj <p>The River Yamuna, in Delhi has degraded and polluted because of occurrence of increasing anthropogenic activities which majorly includes interference of excess amount of domestic wastewater. Delhi itself is known to be a major polluter as it discharges 79% of total pollutants in river. It is a major challenge in front of environmentalists to restore its water quality. A pilot study in summer season during May 2017-June 2017 was performed to analyze the present quality of water of river Yamuna in which number of pollutants were anlaysed which includes dissolve oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD) etc. Samples were taken from three various stretch of river Yamuna in Delhi. This chapter deals with the brief description of the performed study.</p> 2020-12-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Pallavi Bhardwaj EDUCATION OF PRIMARY SCHOOL STUDENTS IN THE SPIRITUAL PROCESS IN THE SPIRIT OF ECOLOGICAL VALUES 2020-11-27T05:27:14+00:00 S.Usmonov Nare M. Nuritdinova RAHIMKULOVA MAKHBUBA G. Fayzullaeva <p>This monograph is devoted to the problem of educating primary school students in the spirit of ecological values.The monograph is intended for researchers, teachers and students of general secondary and secondary special educational institutions, who are engaged in educating the younger generation in the spirit of our ecological national values in the system of continuous education.</p> 2020-11-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 S.Usmonov, M. Nuritdinova LEVELS OF HADITH NARRATORS 2020-11-27T06:33:39+00:00 Ubaydullah Uvatov Doniyor Muratov Sherzodjon Umaraliev Davronbek Maxsudov Durbek Rahimjonov <p>This book gives a brief account of the lives of the hadith narrators and hadith scholars whose names are mentioned in nine reliable collections of hadith called "Sihahi tis'a". This information is one of the valuable and necessary knowledge that anyone engaged in the science of hadith should know. The book "Levels of Hadith Narrators" consists of four volumes, and this book in your hands is the first part of the work.</p> 2020-11-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Ubaydullah Uvatov; Doniyor Muratov; Sherzodjon Umaraliev, Davronbek Maxsudov, Durbek Rahimjonov A SERIES OF THOUGHTS ON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 2020-11-06T05:35:14+00:00 Salmiah Nurul Nadhilah Nani Sutarni M. Arief Ramdhany Achmad Hufad Badawi Agus Pariono Andi Yusuf Katili Mohammad Imran Tanti Kustiari Anita Yuliana Dhanang Eka Putra Fariz Zharfan Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahmat Mr. Prasad Muley <p>A SERIES OF THOUGHTS ON FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT</p> 2020-11-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Salmiah, Nurul Nadhilah, Nani Sutarni, M. Arief Ramdhany, Achmad Hufad, Badawi, Agus Pariono, Yusuf Katili, Mohammad Imran, Tanti Kustiari, Anita Yuliana, Dhanang Eka Putra, Fariz Zharfan INSIGHTS OF LAWS AND GOVERNANCE IN ASIAN COUNTRIES 2020-11-04T09:46:24+00:00 Suryaningsi HARI SAPTO ADJI Endang Sutrisno MC Inge Hartini Taty Sugiarti Helmy Fauzan Ifklal Karyoto Nurbaedah Wawan Herry Setyawan Joko Sriwidodo Prof. Dr. Asna Aneta Abdul Wahab Podungge <p>Insights of Laws and Governance in Asian Countries is a book presenting interpretation of laws in different countries in Asia. This book will present the case studies, the research in law and governence field.</p> 2020-11-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Suryaningsi, HARI SAPTO ADJI, Endang Sutrisno, MC Inge Hartini, Taty Sugiarti, Helmy Fauzan Ifklal, Karyoto, Nurbaedah, Wawan Herry Setyawan, Joko Sriwidodo Variety of Learning Resolutions in the Covid 19 2020-11-02T17:56:29+00:00 Rika Endah Nurhidayah Hari Ronaldo Tanjung Sake Juli Martina Seriwati Ginting Miki Tjandra Hendra Setiawan Musdalifah Musdalifah Elihami Elihami Hasan Hasan Ilham Assidiq Umiyati Jabri Handayani Sura Fitriyanti Sulaiman Rusmin Husain Henny Suharyati Rais Hidayat Agung Suryadinata Nani Sutarni Dini Handayani Achmad Hufad achmadhufad@upi.edi Sunardi Endang Rochyadi Muhammad Iqbal Fasa Iriyani K SKM M.GIZI Ismaniar Nur Hazizah Ariesa Pandanwangi Alfi Laila Baharudin Titi Chandrawati Rosida Tiurma Manurung Sri Harini Dr. Fahrina Yustiasari Liriwati Pravin R.Choube Choube La Ode Sahara Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahmat Syuraini Syuraini Silviana Silviana Ilpi Zukdi Sutirna Rina Marlina Kamal Prihandani Wahyu Edy Setiawan Luluk Tri Harinie Syahril Uhing Sutarman Jorge Muñoz Mederos Elizabeth Acosta Gonzaga Aldo Ramirez Arellano Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma Elizabeth Acosta Gonzaga Lorena Chavarría Báez Dr. Froilan D. Mobo Abdul Rahmat <p>Variety of Learning Resolutions in the Covid 19 is a book presenting the various teaching learning methods implemented by the educators in different countries.&nbsp;</p> 2020-11-03T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Rika Endah Nurhidayah, Hari Ronaldo Tanjung, Sake Juli Martina, Seriwati Ginting, Miki Tjandra, Hendra Setiawan, Musdalifah Musdalifah, Elihami Elihami, Hasan Hasan, Ilham Assidiq, Umiyati Jabri, Handayani Sura, Fitriyanti Sulaiman, Rusmin Husain, Henny Suharyati, Rais Hidayat, Agung Suryadinata, Nani Sutarni, Dini Handayani, Achmad Hufad, Sunardi, Endang Rochyadi, Muhammad Iqbal Fasa, Iriyani K, SKM, M.GIZI, Ismaniar, Nur Hazizah, Ariesa Pandanwangi, Nani Sutarni, M. Arief Ramdhany, Achmad Hufad, Badawi, Alfi Laila, Baharudin, Titi Chandrawati, Dr. Fahrina Yustiasari Liriwati; Pravin R.Choube, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahmat Philosophy 2020-10-24T21:30:29+00:00 TATIANA SALIKHOVNA RASULOVA <p>This textbook “Philosophy” corresponds to the first part of the standard philosophical program (Tashkent, 2017), and was developed on the basis of the lectures of “Philosophy”, which many years I teach at the State conservatory of Uzbekistan. This is one of the first attempts to write the special textbook for State conservatory of Uzbekistan and even more – for all the Higher Educational Institutes of the culture and art of our country. It is connected with the specifics mentality (thinking) students whose future profession will be associated with art in general and musical art particularly. That is why this textbook will help students of the Higher Educational Institutes of culture and art to acquire such difficult, immemorial and excellent science as philosophy.</p> <p>For teachers, students of the Higher Educational Institutes of culture and art, and everybody who is interested in history and theory of West and East Philosophy.</p> <p><strong>E-Book ISBN:</strong> 978-93-87901-10-0</p> <p><strong>Hard Copy ISBN:</strong> 978-93-87901-11-7</p> 2020-10-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 TATIANA SALIKHOVNA RASULOVA ELECTRICITY PRICING IN RESTRUCTURED ELECTRICAL POWER SECTOR 2020-10-20T07:35:34+00:00 Abhas Kumar Singh Dr. Y R SOOD Dr. R K JARIAL <p>This book present a method for allocating embedded cost of transmission to its consumers through transaction under deregulated environment of power system. There are many methods to calculate the embedded cost in different way and procedures. In this book there are comparison between those methods and try to find the fairest among them.</p> <p><strong>Soft Copy ISBN:</strong>&nbsp;“978-93-87901-12-4”</p> 2020-10-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Novateur Publication MUNG BEAN 2020-10-18T14:34:13+00:00 B.M.KHALIKOV S.T.NEGMATOVA F.B.NAMOZOV SH.E.AKHMEDOV Dr.(Er) Parimita <p>This monograph provides information on the biological and morphological features of mung bean, their history and current status, importance in the national economy, their role in increasing soil fertility, their role in crop rotation, classification of varieties of mung bean grown in the country, its diseases and pests and control measures.<br />This monograph is based on the data of modern science and experiments on mung beanes in the country, as well as abroad, as well as the results of research and observation conducted by the authors in scientific research.<br />The monograph is intended for agricultural specialists, students studying in this field, independent researchers, farm managers and the general public.</p> 2020-10-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Novateur Publication Initiative of Thoughts from Indonesia to the World of the Covid 19 Era 2020-10-18T18:59:00+00:00 Elihami Elihami Hari Sapto Adji Infa Minggawati Lukas Holla Franciska Frid Augustinus Somariah Fitriani Bunyamin Dr. Suryaningsi, M.H. Dr. Marto Silalahi, M.Si. Ramlani Lina Sinaulan Yuhelson Rika Endah Nurhidayah Hasmela Revi Lusy Tunik Muharlisiani Citrawati Jatiningrum Endang Noerhartati Nunuk Hariyati Erny Roesminingsih Ismaniar Meylan Saleh Novian Swasono Hadi Endah Yulianingsih Endang Sutrisno Taty Sugiarti Raisa Desti Ardyanti Indirawaty Nelly Sulistiani Rahman Kurnia Rahma Syarif Wa Ode Sifatu Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman Dilla Tarasyabani Poetri Okke Rosmaladewi Dr. Nany Suryawati Robetmi Jumpakita Pinem Netty Nurdiyani Mohammad Imran Faisal Mustaking Dr. Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah Oris Krianto Sulaiman Dr. Kuswarini Sulandjari ni Dr. Iwan Setiawan Marni Br Karo Sulistyani Eka Lestari Wawan Herry Setyawan Abdul Rahmat Yones Eni Luawo Trisusanti Lamangida Apris Ara Tilome Widya Kurniati Mohi Siti Fadjarajani Ely Satiyasih Rosali Eva Nurhayati Dimas Sihab Samsiar Rivai Setia Rini Yusuf <p>Initiative of Thoughts from Indonesia to the World of the Covid 19 era is presenting how education and teaching-learning practices are to be modified to overcome the situations like pandemic. This book is published in e-book and hard copy format with ISBN number form India obtained by Novateur Publication, India.</p> <p><strong>Hard Copy ISBN:&nbsp;</strong>“978-93-87901-08-7”</p> <p><strong>Soft Copy ISBN:</strong>&nbsp;“978-93-87901-09-4”</p> 2020-10-18T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2020 Novateur Publication